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For most of Motor Sport’s history, writers were known only by their initials. To identify them, click to jump to the bottom of the page for an index of the magazine’s best-known writers.

Joe Dunn

Joe covered motoring issues and motor sport for 10 years as a reporter and editor for The Sunday Times. After a brief dalliance with The Daily Telegraph, he decided to finally get a proper job and joined the Motor Sport team in 2016.


Gordon Cruickshank

Bravely ignoring his degree in industrial design after discovering night rallies in a Renault 8, GC joined Motor Sport by accident in the Teesdale days around 1982 when Jenks and WB were office regulars and Mr Tee ruled with a rod of cardboard. He took part in some of the early historic rallies, winning one of the Pirelli Marathons, and regularly runs his Mk2 Jaguar in road events.


Mark Hughes
Grand Prix editor

In previous lives Mark raced cars, worked at Jim Russell racing school, got a university degree which he never used, tried working in industry, didn’t like it, left and joined Motoring News in 1988 as a junior club race reporter. Went freelance in ’96, concentrated on F1 from 2000. Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years.


Mat Oxley
Contributing editor

As a racer, Mat is an Isle of Man TT winner and lap record holder. As a scribbler, he’s been at it since the late 1980s and has written acclaimed biographies of Valentino Rossi and Mick Doohan – plus he’s an award-winning commentator too.


Andrew Frankel
Contributing editor

After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars better than he handled money, Andrew joined Autocar many years ago as a junior tester. Since then he has become one of the industry’s senior figures. Editor of Motor Sport for five years, he now runs our road test section.


Doug Nye
Contributing editor

The renowned motor racing historian is the author of countless books and articles on the sport, is adviser to the Goodwood organisation and worked for Motor Sport 40 years ago when Bill Boddy was still in the office. He contributes his regular column presenting a sideways look at motorsport from its very earliest days to the latest trends in Formula 1.


Chris Medland

After blagging his way into the British Grand Prix as part of the media services team in 2008 while studying Sports Journalism, Chris has worked in Formula 1 full-time since joining ESPN in 2011. Going freelance in 2015, he’s now works with Formula 1’s channels as well as MBC Action, and made far too many appearances in the Netflix F1 documentary.


Paul Fearnley

Having spent much of his formative years soaked and sideways in his father’s 1933 Frazer Nash TT Replica, Paul has long been in thrall to old cars and past – and current – motor racing. He joined Motoring News as junior rally reporter in 1990 and went freelance in 2005, having edited Motoring News, F1 Racing and Motor Sport in the meantime.


Rob Ladbrook

Having spent the last decade working on both Motorsport News and Autosport, Rob brings his extensive knowledge of the British racing scene to Motor Sport. A self-confessed hot hatch enthusiast, Rob also actively races his Ford Puma with the Classic Sports Car Club… and won’t shut up about it.


Motor Sport writers known by their initials


AH Alan Henry
CR Clive Richardson
CR-W Charles Rangely-Wilson
DJT David Tremayne
DSJ Denis Jenkinson
GC Gordon Cruickshank
GP Gerry Phillips
MH Mark Hughes
ML Mike Lawrence
MLC Michael Cotton
MS Mark Skewis
JW Jeremy Walton
MJT Michael Tee
MLG Mike Greasley
PHJW Jim Whyman
PTF Paul Fearnley
SA Simon Arron
WB Bill Boddy
WPK William Kimberley